Miss Willowy: untitled excerpt from a forthcoming novel


We lived in a small flat - one room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There was a little balcony right outside the kitchen door and I remember my father spending most of his time there smoking Winston Blue and drinking warm flat beer. My father was smoking a lot and maybe that’s why I find such charm in…

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since i last saw you

Im sure you had the cliche fair hair and sparkling eyes

…but thats not what i look for


It’s been a while since i spoke to you

we could talk for hours upon end and it wouldn’t get boring

…but 10 minutes was fine


It’s been a while since i held you

i could cuddle you while we lay there and enjoyed each others company

…or you could cuddle me


Its been a while since i last saw you

…but i think about you everyday.

I listen to your tracks on soundcloud and had a personal concert
we reminisced about previous encounters
i miss you
this is the only way i can feel like you haven’t gone 

Pointless DIY

I like pointless DIY

the sort that has no real purpose,

the sort that would be fun to exchange,

the sort that I make while thinking of you,

the sort that you make when you’re bored,

the sort that I accidently wreck my belongings with,

the sort that we saw when someone had coloured in their shoes

the sort that you made your pencil case with, using stickers and glitter

the sort that you stuck on your guitar, but then took off and chipped the paint

the sort that everyone makes all the time in one way or another, without even realising

I like pointless DIY

I like you too.



loneliness is a feeling 20 minutes from home on a rainy day. it feels bad when there is silence via technology. i say i miss you

and you ask me how that makes me feel

it feels like loneliness 20 minutes away from home on a rainy day. 

i don’t tell you that via technology because what the hell kind of response to “i miss you” is

how does that make you feel?

we’re passing the cinema going 35 miles per hour, and my thoughts are going three times that still passing the cinema. 

For anyone who has seen the ‘Howl’ film

Forgive me for bad timing but i…

Really like you.

I dont know if you feel the same…

Even though you said you did.

Next time i’ll wait

Don’t hate me



Skype me…. i dont have skype